Nitin Ranganath

  I'm a computer engineering student and an avid full-stack developer who loves to build for the web and mobile. I create user-centric websites with React, TypeScript, Node.js, and other JavaScript technologies.


5 Stories by Nitin Ranganath

Creating custom animations with Tailwind CSS

Discover how Tailwind CSS’s theme configuration feature allows you to add custom colors, spacing, breakpoints, and animations.
0 4 min read

Build an Instagram-like infinite scrolling feed with React Query

Learn how to build an Instagram-like infinite scrolling feed in a React application with React Query’s useInifiniteQuery() Hook.
0 6 min read

Creating contact forms with the Notion API and Next.js

Follow this tutorial to have your Notion workspace directly save all user form submissions with Next.js and the Notion API.
0 8 min read

Building a Next.js shopping cart app

Learn how to build a Next.js application by building a shopping cart web app for a fictional game store with product category pages.
2 19 min read

The ultimate guide to enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Curious about the CORS policy and why you might face this error so often? Learn everything you need to know about it here.
2 6 min read