Geshan Manandhar Geshan is a seasoned software engineer with more than a decade of software engineering experience. He has a keen interest in REST architecture, microservices, and cloud computing. He also blogs at He blogs at


3 Stories by Geshan Manandhar

Node.js, Express.js, and MySQL: A step-by-step REST API example

Use Node.js and the relational database MySQL to build a REST API with the Express.js framework.
2 11 min read

5 ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js

Choose from a number of available npm packages to master making HTTP requests in Node.js and discover the best library for your project needs....
4 8 min read

Use Node.js with Docker and Docker Compose to improve DX

Node.js and Docker together create a seamless local development environment. See how these tools can improve developer experience.
7 7 min read