How to implement AdMob in React Native with Firebase

Earn extra income by running ads on your React Native apps using AdMob and Firebase in this step-by-step tutorial.
Emmanuel Etukudo
5 min read

Firebase and Fauna: Comparing database tools for frontend devs

In this guide, we’ll compare Firebase and Fauna, evaluating each tool for learning curve, complexity, scalability, performance, and pricing.
Ganesh Mani
7 min read

Implementing authentication in Next.js with Firebase

Authentication is a crucial feature in web apps today. See how to use Firebase and React Context to implement user auth in a Next.js...
Marie Starck
7 min read

Implementing Firebase Authentication in a Flutter app

Learn how to integrate Firebase Authentication with your Flutter app with this demonstration of building an email-password login process.
Souvik Biswas
6 min read

Using Firebase Authentication in NestJS apps

Learn how to integrate Google's Firebase Authentication services into a NestJS app with this tutorial and example build.
Sijuade Ajagunna
11 min read

Logging and remote error reporting in mobile apps

Learn about common problems (and their solutions) with logging and error reporting frameworks for debugging apps with ease.
Nabil Kazi
8 min read

Flutter push notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging

We break down how to integrate Flutter push notifications into your mobile app with Firebase Cloud Messaging in this step-by-step guide.
Souvik Biswas
9 min read

Firebase vs. Supabase: Which is better?

Deploying a BaaS tool allows developers to focus on writing and maintaining frontend. Examine Firebase and Supabase and their strengths in authentication, storage, and...
David Atanda
5 min read

Using Firebase Emulator Suite and React for local-first development

Your guide to setting up a Firebase project using the command line, as well as how to use the Firebase Emulator for a local-first...
3 min read

Building a REST API with Firebase cloud functions, TypeScript,…

Here, you can learn how to build a REST API with Firebase cloud functions, TypeScript, and Firestore.
Ebenezer Don
13 min read

Configuring Cloud Firestore in AdonisJs for CRUD requests

Here, you can learn the basics of setting up and configuring Cloud Firestore in AdonisJs for CRUD requests.
Kenneth Ekandem
6 min read

Getting data for React Native apps with Firebase

Learn how to store, retrieve, and update user-generated data in your React Native apps with Firebase.
Yusuff Faruq
9 min read