Build a chat app with react-native-gifted-chat

Add real-time chat to your iOS or Android applications using react-native-gifted-chat and Firebase to improve communication for your users.
Emmanuel Etukudo
6 min read

Build a Google Classroom clone with React and Firebase

Learn how to create a clone of Google Classroom using React and Firebase in this advanced, step-by-step tutorial and example build.
Atharva Deosthale
20 min read

Firestore in Swift tutorial

Learn how to add a database feature to any Swift application with Firestone through a simple to-do application tutorial.
Wisdom Ekpot
5 min read

Handling user authentication with Firebase in your React apps

Learn how to add user authentication to your React apps using Firebase, allowing for both Google authentication and email/password sign-in.
Yusuff Faruq
11 min read

Vue + Firebase authentication

In this tutorial, we'll create a simple authentication system using the email and password auth provider Firebase supports.
Dotun Jolaoso
11 min read

Using Firebase Cloud Messaging as a pub/sub service

Learn how to use Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging as a pub/sub service in your React app in this detailed step-by-step tutorial.
Aleem Isiaka
8 min read

Exploring Supabase, the open source Firebase alternative

Learn about Supabase, an open source Firebase alternative, with a fun example build and detailed descriptions of its functionality.
Madushika Perera
9 min read

Create a fitness tracker with React and Firebase

Learn how to build a full-stack app with React and Firebase by following this tutorial on creating a fitness tracker web application.
Sander de Bruijn
7 min read

How to implement AdMob in React Native with Firebase

Earn extra income by running ads on your React Native apps using AdMob and Firebase in this step-by-step tutorial.
Emmanuel Etukudo
5 min read

Firebase and Fauna: Comparing database tools for frontend devs

In this guide, we’ll compare Firebase and Fauna, evaluating each tool for learning curve, complexity, scalability, performance, and pricing.
Ganesh Mani
7 min read

Implementing authentication in Next.js with Firebase

Authentication is a crucial feature in web apps today. See how to use Firebase and React Context to implement user auth in a Next.js...
Marie Starck
7 min read

Implementing Firebase Authentication in a Flutter app

Learn how to integrate Firebase Authentication with your Flutter app with this demonstration of building an email-password login process.
Souvik Biswas
6 min read