Ebenezer Don
Jun 15, 2023 ⋅ 21 min read

Building a REST API with Firebase Cloud Functions, TypeScript, and Firestore

Ebenezer Don Full-stack software engineer with a passion for building meaningful products that ease the lives of users.

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7 Replies to "Building a REST API with Firebase Cloud Functions, TypeScript, and Firestore"

  1. Hello Ebenezer, i like your article, very clear and concise.

    I have a little more interest in the section “Getting entries from our Firestore database”

    In fact, i m pretty a newbe with Firestore, and i have an app developped with Flutter which store its data in Firestore.

    So now i would like to retrieve this data and send it to another app (precisely Salesforce) , but don t know really how to proceed… i guess , i m suppose to write the class also directly in firestore or ?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Thanks for this doc, it really helps with initial setup. How would you go about setting this up to test with the local emulator? Any chance you could add a section or comment that just extends your current implementation to also use the local emulators correctly for local dev?

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