Yusuff Faruq

  https://thekatana.tech/ Frontend web developer and anime lover from Nigeria.


13 Stories by Yusuff Faruq

Getting data for React Native apps with Firebase

Learn how to store, retrieve, and update user-generated data in your React Native apps with Firebase.
6 9 min read

Cryptography in Go today

Take a look at how cryptography is handled in the Go programming language and what cryptography packages are available today.
0 6 min read

Using styled-components in React

This guide explores using styled-components in React and takes a look at a basic use case, which involves using the styled API.
0 6 min read

How to create an avatar feature with React

The react-avatar library provides an intuitive way to build an avatar-creation feature into your React application.
0 4 min read

Teaching a 13-year-old how to host a webpage on Netlify

Netlify is a powerful tool for hosting websites, but it's simple enough that a budding developer can use it to host their first webpage.
0 4 min read

Simple error handling in React with react-error-boundary

The react-error-boundary library allows you to implement error boundaries in your React code without building them from scratch.
1 4 min read

Integrating Stripe in your React app with React Stripe.js

React Stripe.js is a lightweight wrapper around Stripe Elements that allows you to quickly integrate Stripe in your React apps.
2 5 min read

Richer, more accessible UIs with React Spectrum

Adobe's newly released React Spectrum provides a suite of tools to create rich, adaptive, accessible user experiences.
0 7 min read

Introducing Flutter’s new animations package

Based on Google's Material motion spec, Flutter's new animations package allows developers to implement animation patterns in mobile app development.
0 7 min read

React-cool-portal: What it is and how to use it

React-cool-portal adds a Hooks-based abstraction over React portals, allowing you to write less code more cleanly.
1 6 min read

Getting started with react-redux-firebase

React-redux-firebase provides Redux bindings for Firebase, making it much simpler to use Firebase with Redux and React.
5 8 min read

The future of Reach Router and React Router

Changes are coming to the React Router API. Read up on what to expect and how to prepare.
0 5 min read