Karthik Kalyanaraman

  Software engineer. Curious about technology and the economics of the tech industry. Follow me on Twitter @karthikkalyan90.


4 Stories by Karthik Kalyanaraman

A deep dive into React Fiber

Learn about React Fiber, an internal engine change geared to make React faster and smarter by solving the DOM tree issue.
8 14 min read

Terser vs. Uglify vs. babel-minify: Comparing JavaScript minifiers

Terser is one of the most popular and efficient libraries for minifying ES6 code. See how Terser compares to UglifyJS and babel-minify.
0 11 min read

Getting started with Create React App

Learn about Create React App and how to use it on a deeper level by building a simple restaurant rating app.
5 11 min read

Avoid overfetching with properly designed GraphQL resolvers

GraphQL's biggest advantage over REST is that it solves the issue of overfetching data — so long as you have properly designed resolvers.
2 6 min read