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Scaling Up How To Not Destroy Company Culture

Scaling up: How to not destroy your company culture

Product Management

By rapidly changing the set of people who make up the company, you change your company’s DNA.

Else van der Berg
Jun 14, 2024 ⋅ 7 min read
Tips For Better Acceptance Criteria

Tips for better acceptance criteria

Product Management

In short, acceptance criteria serve as a checklist for determining whether a given ticket or user story has been fully delivered.

Bart Krawczyk
Jun 13, 2024 ⋅ 4 min read
Team Alignment- A Guide To Effective Teamwork

Team alignment strategies: A guide to effective teamwork

Product Management

Team alignment is a state where team members understand, agree upon, and are committed to achieving clearly defined goals.

Bartosz Jaworski
Jun 12, 2024 ⋅ 5 min read
Understanding And Leveraging Customer Sentiment

Understanding and leveraging customer sentiment

Product Management

Customer sentiment is about understanding the customer. It delves into why customers behave the way they do and what matters to them.

Sara Nguyen
Jun 3, 2024 ⋅ 5 min read
A Guide To Asynchronous Communication

A guide to asynchronous communication

Product Management

Asynchronous communication is a style of communication where participants don’t need to be simultaneously present.

Bart Krawczyk
May 22, 2024 ⋅ 4 min read

Crafting a successful product launch strategy: Key tips and steps

Product Management

A launch strategy builds anticipation, maximizes initial sales, and establishes a strong market presence early on.

Kayode Adeniyi
May 17, 2024 ⋅ 4 min read
Drive Growth With These 7 Customer Feedback Tools

Drive growth with these 7 customer feedback tools

Product Management

A customer feedback tool is a software solution or platform designed to collect, analyze, and manage feedback from customers.

Iwalola Sobowale
May 10, 2024 ⋅ 5 min read

Product requirements document template and guide

Product Management

A well written PRD is one of the most concrete ways you can crystallize your work and provide value for your team.

Antonio da Fonseca Neto
May 7, 2024 ⋅ 5 min read
How To Develop Active Listening Skills For Better Communication

How to develop active listening skills for better communication

Product Management

Active listening is the act of listening to what someone is saying while observing their non-verbal cues, intonations, and intent.

Joel Polanco
May 7, 2024 ⋅ 6 min read
What Is A Product Specialist - Role And Responsibilities

What is a product specialist? Role and responsibilities

Product Management

A product specialist (PS) is a person with extensive knowledge about a specific product or product management-related responsibility.

Bartosz Jaworski
May 6, 2024 ⋅ 4 min read
Essential Leadership Traits For Modern Product Managers

Essential leadership traits for modern product managers

Product Management

Successful product managers are strategic thinkers, customer-focused innovators, adaptive problem solvers, and inspirational motivators.

Surbhi Sooni
Apr 26, 2024 ⋅ 6 min read

A guide to conducting an effective after-action review (AAR)

Product Management

An after-action review refers to the process of conducting an in-depth study of an event after the fact, focusing on continuous learning.

Praveenkumar Revankar
Apr 25, 2024 ⋅ 6 min read