collaboration and communication

Delegation tips challenges best practices

The art of delegation: Tips, challenges, and best practices

Delegation is the act of assigning tasks or responsibilities to another person. By delegating effectively, you can empower your colleagues.
Antonio da Fonseca Neto
3 min read
What Is A Statement Of Work

Statement of work: What it is and how to write one

A statement of work should be clear on communicating the type of problem that needs to be solved and the time...
Ian Khor
9 min read
Communication And 4 Frameworks

Communication styles: 6 types and 4 frameworks

PMs who are aware of their own communication style and can adapt it to different situations and people can build better...
Emma Burt
8 min read
Guide To Successfully Managing Up

A guide to successfully managing up

The truth is, managing up actually improves your outcomes. There are three areas where managing up can help — alignment, risk...
Diana Hsieh
7 min read
What Is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? Template, Best Practices

What is user acceptance testing (UAT)? Template, best practices

User acceptance testing (UAT) is an important phase where end-users have a chance to participate in evaluating your product.
Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
5 min read
Social Loafing: What It Is And How Teams Can Overcome It

Social loafing: What it is and how teams can overcome it

Managing individual social loafers isn’t too difficult; it’s when teams are made up of multiple personality types that things start to...
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read
Facilitation Skills, Principles, And Best Practices

Facilitation skills, principles, and best practices

Facilitation refers to leadership techniques that aim to make activities requiring stakeholder alignment easier and more efficient.
Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
5 min read
Democratic Leadership Style: Definition, Examples, Pros And Cons

Democratic leadership style: Definition, examples, pros and cons

Building a successful product requires an exceptional leader as well as an empowered and engaged team. It takes more than great...
Salma A S
7 min read
The Art Of Saying "No" As A Product Manager

The art of saying “no” as a product manager

Mastering how to reject unrelated requests that don’t contribute to your product strategy is essential to stay on track for long-term...
Bart Krawczyk
6 min read
What Is Asynchronous Communication And How To Balance It

What is asynchronous communication and how to balance it

Balancing asynchronous and synchronous communication requires a clear understanding of goals, team dynamics, and communication preferences.
Aniket Parihar
7 min read
What Is A Mind Map

What is a mind map?

In this article, you will learn about mind maps, which are a critical tool for product manager's looking to organize information....
Emma Burt
3 min read
Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory Of Motivation-Hygiene: An Overview

Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation-hygiene: An overview

How can you be satisfied with your job, but also dissatisfied at the same time? Herzberg's two-factor theory explores this paradox.
Robert Drury
3 min read