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11 Stories by Andrew Evans

Building a PWA with Svelte

Explore three options for implementing PWAs using Svelte, SvelteKit, and Sapper. Examine the fundamental features of PWAs, including service workers and web manifests.
0 5 min read

Building an application with React and Nx

Nx is a build tool that automates many of the necessary steps in building applications and includes features like dependency graph generation.
0 6 min read

Using Font Awesome 5 with React

Font Awesome is a great add-on for showing icons on social media platforms that you can easily install into your React project.
0 6 min read

Microsoft’s Fluid Framework: An introduction

This post introduces Microsoft's Fluid Framework and walks through a sample application to show how it can be integrated into projects.
0 8 min read

Next.js vs. React: The developer experience

The developer experience for Next.js vs. React is similar in some ways and drastically different in others.
1 9 min read

Hands-on with React Native for macOS

Get hands-on with React Native for macOS, built on the original React Native project to include the desktop environment on a Mac.
0 9 min read

JavaScript-free frontends with Blazor

Microsoft's new Blazor framework leverages Wasm to let you write your web frontend in C# — no JS required.
2 9 min read

Comparing JavaScript animation libraries

We round up and compare four of the most popular JavaScript animation libraries.
4 9 min read

Kubernetes toolbox

Kubernetes uses containers to help manage all stages of your project pipeline. Learn how to get the most out of your K8s implementation by...
0 6 min read

Unit and integration testing for Node.js apps

Check out this tutorial about unit and integration testing for Node.js applications.
0 12 min read

Intro to GraphQL with Prisma

This post is going to cover some basics about GraphQL, and then show how to use Prisma with your GraphQL instance.
1 10 min read