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17 Stories by Andrew Evans

Building a file manager in React with Snorlax

Explore Snorlax, an open source file management system, and walk through building a React application that connects to a Snorlax server.
0 6 min read

Building a SolidJS UI with Kobalte

Learn how to get started with Kobalte, a SolidJS library that offers common prebuilt components that meet ARIA standards.
0 5 min read

Next.js vs. React: The developer experience

The developer experience for Next.js vs. React is similar in some ways and drastically different in others.
2 14 min read

A guide to using act with GitHub Actions

Introduce act in a sample project, install it, and then cover the different ways that act can improve your experience building and testing GitHub...
1 7 min read

Unit and integration testing for Node.js apps

Testing allows you to verify that changes to a project don’t break its expected behavior. We demo running unit and integration tests in a...
0 12 min read

Understanding Node.js file locking

As a web developer, I routinely have to deal with resource allocation, which is a very similar concept to file locking.
0 5 min read

Exploring React Suspense with React Freeze

Explore React Suspense and React Freeze, which builds on the ideas behind React Suspense to freeze component rendering and give you more control of...
0 4 min read

Why don’t people like PHP?

Compare the performance, features, and capabilities of JavaScript and PHP in 2021 for a better sense of what makes PHP less popular.
27 5 min read

Building a PWA with Svelte

Explore three options for implementing PWAs using Svelte, SvelteKit, and Sapper. Examine the fundamental features of PWAs, including service workers and web manifests.
2 5 min read

Building an application with React and Nx

Nx is a build tool that automates many of the necessary steps in building applications and includes features like dependency graph generation.
0 6 min read

Using Font Awesome 5 with React

Font Awesome is a great add-on for showing icons on social media platforms that you can easily install into your React project.
0 6 min read

Microsoft’s Fluid Framework: An introduction

This post introduces Microsoft's Fluid Framework and walks through a sample application to show how it can be integrated into projects.
0 8 min read