AWS Amplify and React Native: A tutorial with examples

In this tutorial, set up authentication in a React Native mobile application with AWS Amplify, and learn how Amplify compares to Firebase.
Samaila Bala
6 min read

Running Strapi in production with AWS

Strapi documentation covers how to host it on AWS, but that is not production-grade. Learn the best configurations for your Strapi database, monitoring, storage,...
Cristian Rita
5 min read

Building a multi-tenant Amplify app with a React frontend

Learn how to use AWS Cognito, AppSync, and DynamoDB to set up a multi-tenant SaaS application with a React frontend.
Brian Njenga
10 min read

Deploying a serverless API to AWS with Claudia.js

Learn how to use Claudia.js to deploy a serverless API to AWS and build and deploy an Express.js application to AWS Lambda.
Godwin Ekuma
3 min read

Building a video on demand application using Gatsby and…

Amplify and AWS integrations easily communicate with the backend for video on demand services, allowing you to scaffold projects with minimal cost and effort.
Kumar Harsh
13 min read

How to set up a GraphQL API using Serverless…

Here, you can learn how to set up a serverless project using the Serverless Framework by building a sample GraphQL to-do API.
Brian Njenga
16 min read

Using Zappa and AWS Lambda to deploy serverless Django…

This tutorial explains the concept of implementing serverless architecture in a Django app using Zappa and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda.
Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan
4 min read

The best of both worlds: SSR with isomorphic JavaScript

CSR and SSR each have their own benefits and trade-offs. Learn how you can get the best of both worlds.
Martin McKeaveney
11 min read

Build an event keeper app with Ionic and AWS

The Ionic framework is an open-source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps with integrations for popular frameworks such as Angular,...
Wisdom Ekpot
12 min read

Creating offline web apps with AWS Amplify DataStore

Learn how to create a serverless backend with everything a mobile app needs using AWS Amplify DataStore in this simple tutorial.
Kay Plößer
7 min read

The benefits and trade-offs of going serverless

If the use case is right, serverless architectures can offer massive reductions in hosting costs. But you need to be aware of the caveats.
Ovie Okeh
6 min read

AWS services cheat sheet

AWS, the world's leading cloud provider, delivers myriad services to help developers of all kinds build, manage, and maintain their apps and projects more...
Ganesh Mani
6 min read