Florian Rappl
Jan 27, 2021 ⋅ 10 min read

Static site generation with React from scratch

Florian Rappl Technology enthusiast and solution architect in the IoT space.

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2 Replies to "Static site generation with React from scratch"

  1. Awesome content Florian, I’m researching on which approach is better on building static web page for SaaS app project. And yes I was think of using Gatsby but I’m afraid it will become hard to maintain if my app scale up more bigger. And I think back to native way using pure ReactJs with lil bit of efforts, like you’ve written in this article, are might be the best approach, thank you

  2. Thanks for nice comment! Yes indeed – this was why we made this in the first place. We tried Gatsby several times already and it always failed to deliver. It was bloated, required custom configuration, and did not work with our setup (which, honestly, was not so “exotic” – just standard TypeScript without es module interop…). In the end for what we tried to do this simple approach worked. Granted, Gatsby does a lot more (and really well if its working), but again – for our purposes that’s good enough.

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