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  Technology enthusiast and solution architect in the IoT space.


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Building a carousel component in React using Hooks

Build a custom React carousel component using Hooks, and compare it to the newly released use-carousel-hook.
14 9 min read

Creating micro-frontends with Piral

Learn what micro-frontends are and how Piral can solve many issues during development to achieve great scalability.
0 12 min read

Getting started with PeerJS

Take advantage of real-time communication on your website with PeerJS, a library that simplifies WebRTC and makes peer-to-peer chatting easy.
0 7 min read

React is a black box. Why does that matter?

Does it matter that React is a black box? Many devs argue its internals are too complicated and need to be known.
0 5 min read

Static site generation with React from scratch

Using React's component model for creating static pages allows for uncomplicated control of inputs and outputs.
2 10 min read

Headless Recorder: A new tool to speed up browser automation

Headless Recorder, formerly Puppeteer Recorder, records your browser interactions and generates a script for browser testing automation.
0 5 min read

React concurrent mode

Learn how to use React concurrent mode to enable an amazing user experience.
0 6 min read

Taming the front-end monolith

While larger back-end systems are usually split up in terms of responsibilities into what we call (micro)services, the client(s) consuming these services are still...
0 8 min read

Using TypeScript transforms to enrich runtime code

When I started developing no one was talking about “compiling” their JavaScript sources. Everyone just wrote a couple of scripts and referenced them directly....
0 10 min read

The web app checklist

Do you have what you need to successfully launch a web app in a business context?
0 6 min read

Extending a client with the language server protocol

https://microsoft.github.io/language-server-protocol/ We’ve seen quite a lot of movement on the editor front in recent years. First, Sublime Text came to conquer the world. It’s...
0 13 min read