Mario Zupan
Jun 15, 2021 ⋅ 11 min read

Build a Rust + WebAssembly frontend web app with Yew

Mario Zupan I'm a software developer originally from Graz but living in Vienna, Austria. I previously worked as a full-stack web developer before quitting my job to work as a freelancer and explore open source. Currently, I work at Netconomy.

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2 Replies to "Build a Rust + WebAssembly frontend web app with Yew"

  1. Hey thanks for this tutorial.

    Maybe some extra sentences for absolute beginners would be nice, like in this paragraph:
    `Trunk creates dist/index.html with a body injected, holding the entry point for our Wasm application.`
    Maybe adding “executing” `trunk build` will bla bla bla.

    Or in which files the code should be placed. Things like that might help (me) greatly!

  2. Another good tutorial Mario, so thanks. As you say those libraries are in early development as Yew seems to have changed a bit since you created this article but I managed to get there in the end. I think you learn more when things go wrong so it’s a good thing! I’ve only followed 2 of your tutorials so far and one, I hope constructive criticism I have, is that I wish you would introduce the code in dependency order.
    I’ve never liked inline styles so I tried to link in a main.css stylesheet but for whatever reason this didn’t work, so obviously something needs to be different for this to work with Yew?
    Now on to Full-stack Rust: A complete tutorial with examples, keep up the good work as I’m learning quite a bit working through these tutorials.

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