Rust microservices in server-side WebAssembly

Learn about tools, libraries, APIs, frameworks, and techniques to build microservices in Rust. Deploy, run, and scale them in WasmEdge.
Michael Yuan
6 min read

Getting started with WebAssembly in Flutter Web

Flutter is built with Skia, a 2D graphics library written in C++. The Skia C++ API can run on the web browser through WebAssembly.
Ivy Walobwa
5 min read

Integrating a Svelte app with Rust using WebAssembly

Let's learn how to connect a Svelte app with Rust code through WebAssembly and how to pass information between JavaScript and Rust.
Yashodhan Joshi
20 min read

Build a Rust + WebAssembly frontend web app with…

WebAssembly has made it possible to build frontend apps in Rust. Now, learn to build a simple web app with Rust and Yew, powered...
Mario Zupan
11 min read

WebAssembly runtimes compared

With the release of Wasmer 1.0, it's worth exploring other WebAssembly runtimes available today, as well as the exciting WASI interface.
Alex Williams
6 min read

How to debug Wasm and achieve a reliable stack…

Here, you can learn about WebAssembly, why it’s difficult to debug, and some workarounds you can use when debugging Wasm.
Nahla Davies
4 min read

Create your first game in WebAssembly

Take the first step on your WebAssembly journey. 
Arwa Lokhandwala
5 min read

Getting started with WebAssembly and Rust

This guide serves as an introduction to WebAssembly and a tutorial on how to set up and work in a Rust Wasm environment.
Carlos Chacin
8 min read

Image styling and filters using WebAssembly

Tools like Emscripten are making WebAssembly more accessible frontend devs. Learn how to use it to style images with Wasm.
Zain Sajjad
6 min read

Node worker threads with shared array buffers and Rust…

Node.js worker threads empower you to scale JavaScript code across many CPU and even GPU cores, since you can access GPU over Rust WebAssembly.
Tigran Bayburtsyan
4 min read

The introductory guide to AssemblyScript

AssemblyScript provides a way to get around the steep learning curve for WebAssembly.
Danny Guo
6 min read

Building full-stack web apps with Go, Vecty, and WebAssembly

We write a complete web application — frontend and backend — without a line of JavaScript.
Aaron Schlesinger
3 min read