Ohans Emmanuel
Jul 12, 2023 ⋅ 8 min read

React useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect Hooks with examples

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6 Replies to "React useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect Hooks with examples"

  1. OK, IMHO, this whole article was kinda of overkill. But, kudos for the author anyway.


    useLayoutEffect: If you need to mutate the DOM and/or DO need to perform measurements

    useEffect: If you don’t need to interact with the DOM at all or your DOM changes are unobservable (seriously, most of the time you should use this).

    by: Kent C. Dodd (https://kentcdodds.com/blog/useeffect-vs-uselayouteffect)

  2. This was a super helpful article. I liked the way author was showing with live examples the differences between useEffect and useLayoutEffect hooks. Now I finally got it. Awesome!

  3. Utilising live recordings and different examples is quite helpful for grasping the concept to the core. Thanks for the article.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I was searching for something does the work of useLayoutEffect() to prevent the dimming of loading animation while execution of multiple useEffects.

    In my code, my first useEffect calls an Api and that data was using in next api written in next useEffect, also first useEffect was printing on the browser after that fetches the data of first API. Then only it was calling the other useEffect(). That was making the dim on loading. By using useLayoutEffect () the job is done asynchronously.

    Very helpful🙂

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