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Using TypeScript With Redux Toolkit

Using TypeScript with Redux Toolkit

In this tutorial, we learn how to set up and use TypeScript with Redux Toolkit, which makes implementing Redux less tedious.
Olasunkanmi John Ajiboye
6 min read
CSS gap property vs. margin property

CSS gap property vs. margin property

Learn the subtle but important differences between the CSS gap and margin properties, as well as how their appearances change by...
Ibadehin Mojeed
7 min read
Guide CSS Logical Properties

Guide to CSS logical properties

Learn how to leverage CSS logical properties to enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of your web design.
Timonwa Akintokun
8 min read
Implementing Service Workers In Your Next Js Application

Implementing service workers in your Next.js app

Service workers can enhance your Next.js app functionality and improve UX. Let's explore how to implement service workers with examples.
Elijah Agbonze
9 min read
LogRocket Interviews: The Evolution of DevEx with Vilas Veeraraghavan

Leader Spotlight: The evolution of DevEx with Vilas Veeraraghavan

We sit down with Vilas Veeraraghavan, Senior Director of Software Engineering, DevEx, at BILL, to talk dev tools, feedback, and the...
Jessica Srinivas
9 min read
TanStack Query WebSockets Real-time Data Fetching

TanStack Query and WebSockets: Real-time React data fetching

By combining TanStack Query and WebSockets, you can efficiently create real-time applications like chat applications, live data feeds, or collaborative editing...
Huzaima Khan
10 min read
Using Next.js Route Handlers

Using Next.js Route Handlers

We explore the new Route Handlers features in Next.js v13.2, demo how to use it, and compare it to the...
Emmanuel Odioko
8 min read
How to Truncate Text in CSS

Different ways to truncate text with CSS

In this article, we will review different ways to truncate text in CSS using several CSS and JavaScript techniques.
Chinedu Okere
10 min read
Getting Started With the TypeScript Satisfies Operator

Getting started with the TypeScript satisfies operator

The TypeScript satisfies operator is a new and better approach to type-safe configuration in TypeScript released in TypeScript v4.9.
Temitope Oyedele
5 min read
Testing The React Router UseNavigate Hook With React Testing Library

Testing the React Router useNavigate Hook with React Testing Library

Learn about unit testing using the React Testing Library and the useNavigate Hook to simplify the process of making components route-aware.
Paul Cowan
5 min read
Best React Component Scheduler Libraries

Best React scheduler component libraries

React scheduler component libraries provide software developers with a wide range of tools to build powerful scheduling applications in their React...
Frank Joseph
6 min read
Sending Emails In Phoenix Using Swoosh

Sending emails in Phoenix using Swoosh

Create custom email templates using the Phoenix.Swoosh library, which lets you easily send emails to users of your site.
Lewis Cianci
7 min read