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Customizing Environment Variables In Next.js 13

Customizing environment variables in Next.js 13

Next.js environment variables influence the way an application runs or behaves in different contexts and environments.
Joseph Mawa
8 min read
How To Send Emails In Node Js Using Email Apis

How to send emails in Node.js using email APIs

In a Node.js app, you can send emails using an email API to better automate and customize communications with your users.
Taofiq Aiyelabegan
8 min read
Comparing Schema Validation Libraries: Zod Vs. Yup

Comparing schema validation libraries: Zod vs. Yup

Compare schema validation libraries, Zod and Yup, in terms of validating common data patterns such as primitives, objects, and arrays.
Nathan Sebhastian
9 min read
Kanel Tutorial: Generating TypeScript Types From PostgreSQL

Kanel tutorial: Generating TypeScript types from PostgreSQL

Learn how to use Kanel to generate TypeScript types from PostgreSQL, then see it in action by building a to-do app.
Agustinus Theodorus
8 min read
Next.js Vs. Gatsby: Comparing React Frameworks

Next.js vs. Gatsby: Comparing React frameworks

Compare the two React frameworks, Gatsby and Next.js, based on use cases and performance when building a variety of websites.
Peter Ekene Eze
12 min read
The best React Native animation libraries

The best React Native animation libraries

Leverage React Native animation libraries to improve user experience in terms of interactions and engagement.
Aman Mittal
3 min read
Leveraging Fern In A Node Js And Express Application To Define And Document Rest Apis

Leveraging Fern to define and document REST APIs

Fern allows you to define an API and generate documentation and other information automatically to build more maintainable and reliable apps.
Eze Sunday
11 min read
How To Choose The Best IDE For React Native

How to choose the best IDE for React Native

Choose the best IDE for your React Native project by comparing top choices including Visual Studio Code and WebStorm.
Elijah Agbonze
14 min read
Exploring The Node.js Native Test Runner

Exploring the Node.js native test runner

Test functions using the new Node.js native test runner, and compare its performance to testing frameworks like Jest and Mocha.
Alexander Godwin
8 min read
Comparing The Top Zero-Runtime CSS-In-JS Libraries

Comparing the top zero-runtime CSS-in-JS libraries

Check out the top zero-runtime CSS-in-JS libraries, including vanilla-extract, Linaria, and Astroturf to improve your styling.
Suraj Vishwakarma
8 min read
Using Ink Ui With React To Build Interactive Custom Command Line Interfaces

Using Ink UI with React to build interactive, custom CLIs

With Ink and its collection of UI components, you can create interactive CLIs with reusable components that leverage the power of...
Georgey V B
8 min read
Angular Vs. React Vs. Vue.js: Comparing Performance

Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js: Comparing performance

Compare the three popular frameworks, React, Vue, and Angular, to see which is a good fit by comparing their performance, ease...
Nefe James
13 min read