Chinedu Okere
Jun 16, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read

NestJS vs. LoopBack 4: Which is best?

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2 Replies to "NestJS vs. LoopBack 4: Which is best?"

  1. I wouldn’t even say there’s a comparison. If anything Loopback seems to have been taking ideas from NestJS and trying to implement them into their own framework – instead of just improving the clearly more widely used and production-ready NestJS.

    Things like this stiffle Open source, instead of banding together it just creates division.
    Shame on IBM to be honest.

    1. lol…while you are entitled to your opinions, and i can’t say they are wrong. loopback4 has some die hard fans. i mean people who really love the framework.

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