NestJS vs. ASP.NET: Comparing web frameworks

On a broader scale, there aren’t many differences between NestJS and ASP.NET. There’s a lot of overlap in the philosophies they pursue, most evidently...
Agustinus Theodorus
6 min read

Microservices with NestJS, Kafka, and TypeScript

This guide demonstrates how to create a scalable and reliable system using a microservices architecture with NestJS, Kafka, and TypeScript.
Vijit Ail
9 min read

Using the NestJS REPL environment

Learn how to leverage the built-in Node REPL environment to make the most of the NestJS REPL environment for your projects.
Joseph Mawa
5 min read

Implementing secure single sign-on authentication in NestJS

In this article, we will learn how to implement a secure Google single sign-on for your next NestJS project.
Taofiq Aiyelabegan
10 min read

Creating social logins in NestJS

Learn how to integrate GitHub social login in a NestJS application, with a way that can be easily applied to other social media platforms.
Godson Obielum
9 min read

End-to-end testing in NestJS with TypeORM

Learn to create end-to-end tests in NestJS and use TypeORM to provide database connectivity in our application.
David Ekanem
10 min read

Understanding controllers and routes in NestJS

Let's take a look at NestJS routes and controllers, including what they do, how they work, and advanced use cases.
Ibiyemi Adewakun
9 min read

Using TypeORM’s QueryBuilder in NestJS

Learn how to use NestJS to build an application with TypeORM, a strong object-relations-management library built with TypeScript.
Eze Sunday
5 min read

How to use configurable module builders in NestJS v9

In NestJS, creating a custom module to reuse is quite simple and is, above all, encouraged.
Agustinus Theodorus
8 min read

Getting started with NestJS, Vite, and esbuild

Configuring these three popular tools takes a little bit more work than you'd think. Get started with NestJS, Vite, and esbuild in this post.
Alexander Nnakwue
7 min read

Modeling NestJS app data with Dynamoose

Integrate the object-relational mapping tool, Dynamoose with a NestJS app to manage data models when working with unstructured data.
Mohammad Faisal
6 min read

How to implement JWT authentication in NestJS

This tutorial provides an overview of NestJS and demonstrates how to implement JWT user authentication on a NestJS API.
Clara Ekekenta
6 min read