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Sebastian Weber
Jun 23, 2020 ⋅ 14 min read

JavaScript concepts to master before learning React

Sebastian Weber Fell in love with CSS and JS over 20 years ago.

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16 Replies to "JavaScript concepts to master before learning React"

  1. This is really a fantastic article. It’s so complete and covers so many concepts. I’m actually from a Vuejs background but there is a huge amount of overlap with regards to these JavaScript concepts which applies to both React and Vuejs. I really admire people who can write such lengthy concise and to the point articles. Thank you so much, I’ll use it as a blueprint for my learning journey going forward.

  2. Hi Ray, I would recommend to learn Javascript from scratch. Dan Abramov – by the way one of the core members of the React team – has created an awesome course on Javascript. It’s called “Just Javascript”: https://justjavascript.com/

    The good thing is, you learn a lot of key programming concepts that will help you to learn the things I described in this article, too. Then you are ready to master React.

    Let me know what do you think.

  3. Well written, easy to follow (even for a Javascript newb like me), and a well-balanced amount of concepts. Great job!

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