MacBobby Chibuzor
May 19, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read

Full-stack DApp tutorial with Vite + React, Tailwind CSS, and Solidity

MacBobby Chibuzor Go, Solidity, and Haskell developer interested in the cloud native world and blockchain technology. A fanatic for technical writing and open source contribution.

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2 Replies to "Full-stack DApp tutorial with Vite + React, Tailwind CSS, and Solidity"

  1. Have you seen moralis.io ? Speeds up web3 dev like crazy😅
    : Please check it out, it makes Dapps dev smoother and faster

    So we’ll just be needing => {


    Nice content, I love the way you simplified your solidity though.
    This is my first time here👌

  2. Incomplete article. Footer.jsx, Loader.jsx, Navigation_bar.sx not being used anywhere. Neither is the transactionContext. Nor is the ABI.
    There is no interaction between the frontend and the smart contract.
    It looks like the article got truncated. Please fix it.

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