Damilare Jolayemi
Oct 25, 2021 ⋅ 8 min read

Flutter Redux: Complete tutorial with examples

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8 Replies to "Flutter Redux: Complete tutorial with examples"

  1. Could you please share the full code for the Flutter project in this example? I’m having trouble putitng everything together…

  2. There are bugs in this article.
    1. where does the object FetchTime at StoreConnector come from, i use dynamic keyword instead.
    2. can’t find ThunkAction at ThunkAction fetchTime = (Store store) {}, i use dynamic also.

    without using the dynamic, the program will not run.

    1. Hello,

      1. Fetchtime is void function declared in the main.dart file. Please refer to the main.dart file in the tutorial and ensure that you have the content of the file in your code. The dynamic keyword will work because it is designed by the Dart team to accomodate values of any data type.

      2. ThunkAction is included in the redux_thunk package. Confirm that you have redux_thunk dependency included in your pubspec.yaml file as:

      redux_thunk: ^0.4.0

      Then import the package in the middleware.dart file as:

      import ‘package:redux_thunk/redux_thunk.dart’;

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