Oscar Jite-Orimiono
Mar 7, 2024 ⋅ 12 min read

5 cool CSS header styles with cross-browser compatibility

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3 Replies to "5 cool CSS header styles with cross-browser compatibility"

  1. I work in a simple product industry, and like everyone else, have a website, so we see how every marketer in my field is inspired by IT projects. We are learning CSS, although we remember well that it was quite difficult at the beginning of our journey. LogRocket is a great approach to improving productivity, and we’re trying to embed your ways of creating value for customers. For example, we use software to control the application with a remote approval feature. So, hopefully, we will keep up with CSS.

  2. I guess this is good stuff above.
    Only the first impression of this site in Google results was not so good. Maybe it happened just accidently, but it gives the immedeate impression of contents not being checked carefully:
    500ms are 0.5 seconds, not 0.050 as we read right now on the page top.

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