Frank Joseph
May 12, 2022 ⋅ 5 min read

Build a cryptocurrency with Node.js

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7 Replies to "Build a cryptocurrency with Node.js"

  1. Where is computeHash() that is used in addNewBlock method, coming from? It wasn’t a method of Block class!

    1. All instances of computeHash() have been replaced with generateHash(). Thanks for pointing out the typo!

  2. Thank you Joey for pointing this out. This skipped me. It is supposed to be generateHash() as found in the Block class. I was trying to get the best method name.

  3. There’s an error in the validity check. It will always only check the first two blocks of the chain. Move “return true” statement outside the for loop to fix it.

  4. Thank you Ahlstrand for your observation. I think everything is fine as it is. Try to add more blocks and confirm that the code still works fine with the ‘return true statement’ in the for loop.

  5. It is worth mentioning that the Blockchain class method `getTheLatestBlock` gets called in the `addNewBlock` method with the wrong name `getLatestBlock` so it won’t work.

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