Wisdom Ekpot

  A student of Ibom Metropolitan Polytechnic studying computer engineering, Wisdom has been writing JavaScript for two years, focusing on Vue.js, Angular, and Express.js.


13 Stories by Wisdom Ekpot

Setting up cron jobs in Deno

Here, you can learn what a cron job is and how to set up cron jobs in Deno to automate tasks.
0 3 min read

Using JSON web tokens in Deno

Keep your application secure by integrating JSON web tokens and using Deno’s djwt package for integrations.
0 3 min read

Using Redis in Deno

Learn how to use Redis in Deno to make your application much more efficient by calling data from the cache.
0 3 min read

Understanding Deno’s file system

Deno comes with its own file system, which can be used for any kind of file or directory manipulation. This guide breaks down the...
0 4 min read

Using Deno’s SMTP client

In this tutorial, we'll build a Deno application that sends mail to another user using Deno’s SMTP mail client.
0 3 min read

Setting up MongoDB in Deno

You can use any database with Deno as long as there's a controller for it. In this post, we'll set up MongoDB.
0 3 min read

Building a Slackbot for logging Node.js application activities

Building a Slackbot is a great way to automate notifications about app activities. We use Node.js to build a simple app and test the...
0 5 min read

Building a JavaScript router using History API

Learn how to build and implement a client-side routing system using JavaScript History API to easily work with a framework routing library.
6 4 min read

Deno’s standard library: 4 core modules

The intention of Deno's standard library is to provide a comprehensive collection of high-quality modules that all Deno projects can use seamlessly.
0 4 min read

Build a file compression application in Node.js and Vue.js

Find out how to build an application that will help users compress files using Vue and the Zlib module in Node.js
0 6 min read

Building a password hasher in Node.js

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to build a password hasher to hash and store user credentials in the database using a technique...
4 5 min read

Build a markdown previewer with Vue and Electron

Understanding how to write custom directives will really kick your Vue skills up a notch. Learn how to build a markdown preview app with...
0 7 min read