Wisdom Ekpot

  A student of Ibom Metropolitan Polytechnic studying computer engineering, Wisdom has been writing JavaScript for two years, focusing on Vue.js, Angular, and Express.js.


15 Stories by Wisdom Ekpot

Pug.js tutorial: A beginner’s guide with examples

Learn how to integrate Vue.js into a backend application using Pug as a templating engine.
2 5 min read

Framework7 vs. Ionic: Comparing Cordova frameworks

Both Ionic and Framework7 are valuable tools for building hybrid mobile applications. Find out where each excels in performance, documentation and community.
0 4 min read

Setting up cron jobs in Deno

Here, you can learn what a cron job is and how to set up cron jobs in Deno to automate tasks.
0 3 min read

Using JSON web tokens in Deno

Keep your application secure by integrating JSON web tokens and using Deno’s djwt package for integrations.
0 3 min read

Using Redis in Deno

Learn how to use Redis in Deno to make your application much more efficient by calling data from the cache.
0 3 min read

Understanding Deno’s file system

Deno comes with its own file system, which can be used for any kind of file or directory manipulation. This guide breaks down the...
0 4 min read

Using Deno’s SMTP client

In this tutorial, we'll build a Deno application that sends mail to another user using Deno’s SMTP mail client.
0 3 min read

Setting up MongoDB in Deno

You can use any database with Deno as long as there's a controller for it. In this post, we'll set up MongoDB.
0 3 min read

Building a Slackbot for logging Node.js application activities

Building a Slackbot is a great way to automate notifications about app activities. We use Node.js to build a simple app and test the...
0 5 min read

Building a JavaScript router using History API

Learn how to build and implement a client-side routing system using JavaScript History API to easily work with a framework routing library.
6 4 min read

Deno’s standard library: 4 core modules

The intention of Deno's standard library is to provide a comprehensive collection of high-quality modules that all Deno projects can use seamlessly.
0 4 min read

Build a file compression application in Node.js and Vue.js

Find out how to build an application that will help users compress files using Vue and the Zlib module in Node.js
0 6 min read