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Emmanuel Etukudo
Feb 22, 2022 ⋅ 10 min read

Build a chat app with react-native-gifted-chat

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6 Replies to "Build a chat app with react-native-gifted-chat"

  1. Just want to point out, at the time when this article was published (August 27, 2021) this is already outdated. It uses the syntax for Firestore 8.x and not 9.x which is modular.

  2. I would like to change to one on one chat app, but I adding the toUser field under chat, it with error Function addDoc() called with invalid data. Unsupported field value: undefined, could you advise. Thanks.

    Add the toUser: ‘aaaa’ on snapshot.docs.map
    const { _id, createdAt, text, user, toUser } = messages[0]
    addDoc(collection(db, ‘chats’), { _id, createdAt, text, user, toUser });

  3. Thank you for the blog post, messaging is tricky and we need more docs on implementing chat in React and RN. For further reading on this topic, I suggest those interested check our open source Ethora engine which includes full chat / messaging support. We have implemented the UI using GiftedChat and we use ejabberd XMPP server for the chat backend.

    You can take a peek into our code if it helps with implementing your project: https://github.com/dappros/ethora or just clone the repo, change splash screen and build your app on top of our engine if you like how things are arranged there.

    Any feedback is welcome!

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