Doğacan Bilgili
Jul 25, 2023 ⋅ 11 min read

Building a menu bar application with Electron and React

Doğacan Bilgili A software developer who is also into 3D-modeling and animation.

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5 Replies to "Building a menu bar application with Electron and React"

  1. Hey Ian,
    It’s hard to tell what the problem is without a code snippet. Are you sure you created `TrayGenerator.js` and imported it correctly?

  2. Thank you for doing this! A finished version on git like mentioned above would be very helpful. I went through the steps and got to this stage: If you run npm run client and then npm run server , you will notice that the mainWindow still appears in the middle of the screen and then disappears when you click the Tray icon.

    The icon doesn’t appear.

  3. I found a little bug: if you don’t add `type: ‘panel’` in mainWindow settings, once you open the window clicking on the tray icon, the dock icon reappears.

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