Vijit Ail
Jan 25, 2024 ⋅ 13 min read

Authentication with React Router v6: A complete guide

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13 Replies to "Authentication with React Router v6: A complete guide"

  1. In the example where login path is removed after login, the home page is no longer accessible. To reproduce, after login, try to go to home page. It will always redirect to /dashboard/profile. I think this shouldnt be the ideal scenario.

  2. i cant use this scenario because im using a theme that used react router dom v6 and useRoutes i dont have routes and route jsx and i cant replace them

  3. I’m getting the following error: React Hook React.useMemo has missing dependencies: ‘login’ and ‘logout’ Either include them or remove them from the dependency array. Do you have a solution for this error?

  4. Don’t Try this tutorial, it is not authenticating Token, Only it generate a token and store it in local storage.. this is not the technically correct

    1. Hey Sooraj, the actual authentication of the user is not in scope of the article. This article only demonstrates how you’d handle authentication and private routes on the frontend using React Router.

  5. I did the tutorial up to:

    ‘Well, the above approach works fine if there are a limited number of protected routes, but if there are multiple such routes we would have to wrap each one, which is tedious.’

    The code prior to that doesn’t work as in component I get the error:

    `uncaught TypeError: Cannot destructure property ‘user’ of ‘(0 , _hooks_useAuth__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0__.useAuth)(…)’ as it is undefined.`

  6. what if i am using the createBrowserRouter() function?
    const router = createBrowserRouter([
    path: “/”,
    element: ,
    errorElement: ,
    path: “dashboard”,
    element: ,
    children: [
    { path: “myresources”, element: },
    { path: “users”, element: , loader: usersLoader },
    { path: “resources”, element: },
    path: “users/:userId”,
    element: ,
    loader: userLoader,
    id: “userId”,
    children: [
    path: “edit”,
    element: ,
    action: editAction,
    { path: “users/add”, element: , action: addAction },

    const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(
    document.getElementById(“root”) as HTMLElement


  7. I am having an issue after following this and using react-query to do the back end call for authentication.

    On logout, setData(null) isn’t working. The users data is still here and then we get redirected BACK to the protected page. no way to actually log out.

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