Integrating web workers in a React app with Comlink

Web workers are notoriously difficult to interact with, but Comlink makes the process much more elegant.
John Reilly
6 min read

How to write a Vue.js app completely in TypeScript

It's now possible to create TypeScript projects from scratch using Vue CLI. Here's all the basic information you need to get started.
Preetish HS
7 min read

How to build a GraphQL API with TypeGraphQL and…

TypeGraphQL and TypeORM enable you to write cleaner, safer GraphQL APIs and avoid repeating tasks.
Rahman Fadhil
8 min read

Is TypeScript worth it?

I am, for the most part, a TypeScript fan but I do have some nagging doubts that I would like to discuss in this...
Paul Cowan
4 min read

From create-react-app to PWA

Progressive web apps are a (terribly named) wonderful idea. Our tutorial takes you from CRA to PWA in a snap.
John Reilly
8 min read

Safer code with container types (Either and Maybe)

Learn how to deal with the concept of emptiness more easily in TypeScript with container types Either and Maybe.
Joan Llenas
11 min read

Building a full mobile app with TypeScript, Ionic, React,…

Take Ionic's new React integration for a spin by building a full mobile app alongside TypeScript and MobX.
Foysal Ahamed
25 min read

Take control of unexpected data at runtime with TypeScript

The TypeScript compiler helps guarantee runtime safety and saves you from having to validate everything with tests or manually in a UI, which ultimately...
Matias Klemola
13 min read

The introductory guide to AssemblyScript

AssemblyScript provides a way to get around the steep learning curve for WebAssembly.
Danny Guo
6 min read

New in TypeScript 3.7

I have waited a long time for these changes, and I think the TypeScript official announcement does its usual job of underselling the great...
Paul Cowan
3 min read

Building reusable web components with Stencil.js

Stencil is well developed, well documented, battle-tested, backed by a big company, aligned with standards, and is very easy to learn.
Vlado Tesanovic
11 min read

3 rules for writing idiomatic TypeScript

Stop writing TypeScript like you're writing JavaScript.
Ovie Okeh
8 min read