Facundo Corradini
Oct 25, 2018 ⋅ 8 min read

You’re using〈em〉wrong

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2 Replies to "You’re using〈em〉wrong"

  1. As someone who’s just set out on learning HTML this week, this article really helped create that distinction between the two elements. It also highlighted that I might need to brush up on my use of the English language a bit. Most of it comes naturally to me as you said, but when you have to stop and think about how to markup your content, it really highlights the importance of knowing these rules. Thank you!

  2. I read this for a class assignment, and it was really enlightening (and entertaining!), but it also helped me with my language studies. Identifying the different scenarios where I’d use vocal stress in English helped me understand some mistakes I’ve been making in Turkish, which uses word order for many of those situations.

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