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  Front-end developer, CSS specialist, best cebador de mates ever.


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New in Chrome 76: the frosted glass effect with backdrop-filter

In this post, we will be looking at the backdrop-filter. One of the many improvements in Chrome's new release.
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What’s new in Firefox 67: Prefers-color-scheme and more

Mozilla keeps pushing forward, and the release of Firefox 67 ships a great new feature for accessibility and customization: the prefers-color-scheme query, which allows us...
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New in Chrome 74: Prefers-reduced-motion media query

Animations can be a really powerful way to convey a message, clarify functions, or even simply add eye candy. They can also be annoying,...
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New in Firefox 66: animating CSS Grid

Firefox is continuously improving, and the Mozilla team manages to surprise us with every new release. We have seen outstanding improvements on their dev...
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The only reason your CSS fails

We are learning CSS the wrong way. CSS looks deceptively simple. We just declare how something should look in a couple of rules, and...
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13 ways to vertical center in 2018

Back in the good old days, the limits of CSS were such that even “simple” things like vertical centering posed a challenge, with some...
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New in Chrome 69: building doughnut charts with conical gradients

Everybody loves charts. They convey information in a simple way that can be quickly interpreted at a glance. And everybody loves doughnuts. They are...
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