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New features in Next.js 11

Take a look at the new features and updates included in Next.js 11, the latest release from the Vercel team.
Kapeel Kokane
5 min read

What’s new in React Hook Form V7

React Hook Form V7 supports strictly typed forms with the help of TypeScript. See what else is new in the most recent release.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
5 min read

What’s new in Next.js 10.1

Next.js 10.1 has a little something in it for everyone. In this article, we will explore these features in more detail.
Kapeel Kokane
7 min read

What’s new in React Native 0.64

Check improvements to React Native released with version 0.64, including Hermes updates and dependency changes.
Levi Vaguez
3 min read

What’s new in TypeScript 4.2

Version 4.2 of TypeScript was released in February 2021, with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Find out more here.
Matthew Swensen
2 min read

What’s new in Grommet v2

After a successful first version of Grommet, v2 has been released with a host of new changes. Learn exactly what Grommet v2 brings here.
Kapeel Kokane
7 min read

What’s new in Vite 2.0

Explore major changes in Vite 2.0, including faster builds, a new plugin system, experimental support for SSR, and improved CSS support.
Anshul Goyal
3 min read

What’s new in Relay v11

Learn what's new in the latest version of Relay right here, where we explore v11 and how to create reliable React and GraphQL applications.
Leonardo Maldonado
5 min read

What’s new in Flutter 2.0

What's new in Flutter 2.0? Get the latest updates, learn about new features and functionalities, and see what's next for Flutter.
Deven Joshi
3 min read

What’s new in Go 1.16

Go 1.16, the 17th major version of the Go programming language, has just been released. Here, you can learn everything new in Go 1.16.
Ayooluwa Isaiah
6 min read

What’s new in React Query 3

Here, you can learn what React Query is and what new features have been added in its latest iteration: React Query 3.
Lawrence Eagles
6 min read

What’s new in Bablyon.js 4.2

This guide runs through the new updates you can expect in Babylon.js 4.2, which makes game rendering in JavaScript more efficient than ever before.
Sodeeq Elusoji
4 min read