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Developer frustrations in 2020

Things do not get any easier, they just get different.
2 3 min read

Put the TypeScript enums and booleans away

While enums and booleans may be familiar, you might want to think about using some other TypeScript constructs.
8 3 min read

Does my bundle look big in this?

Whatever the bundler, it is making more and more sense to move away from CommonJS.
0 3 min read

Testing the react-router useHistory Hook with react-testing-library

Learn how to use the react-router useHistory Hook with React testing library to make your components route-aware.
0 3 min read

async/await is the wrong abstraction

I still do use async/await and it is excellent for a one-call scenario, but I, and many others, have discovered it is minimal for...
19 4 min read

The single-page application must die

My main problem with single-page applications is that they generally do not start life using progressive enhancement.
3 7 min read

Code splitting React components with TypeScript and NO Babel

In the React ecosystem, tools like loadable-componets add a much simpler veneer of sanity around dynamic imports.
1 5 min read

Real-world Azure resource management with Terraform and Docker

Learn about how to use Terraform in a real, production-ready environment.
0 9 min read

Act now to make your React website accessible

I do not care about the various WCAG 2.x standards. People use these standards as an excuse to do the bare minimum to make...
1 7 min read

Is TypeScript worth it?

I am, for the most part, a TypeScript fan but I do have some nagging doubts that I would like to discuss in this...
11 4 min read

Automated testing is not working

And here's why
14 7 min read

Solutions to frustrations with React Hooks

In a previous post, we talked about Frustrations with React Hooks. Here are some solutions to those frustrations.
1 4 min read