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A Guide To Understanding Configuration Management

A guide to understanding configuration management

Configuration management is a process to properly track changes to a system's configuration through its whole lifecycle.
Sara Nguyen
5 min read
What Is A One-Pager? Examples, Rules, Template

What is a one-pager? Examples, rules, template

A one-pager is a great way to align the various departments in your business and ensure that your products have the...
Will Chan
8 min read
Using Kani To Write And Validate Rust Code With Chatgpt

Using Kani to write and validate Rust code with ChatGPT

Kani is a Rust automated reasoning verification tool you can use to verify code written using AI code generators like ChatGPT.
Eze Sunday
7 min read
An Overview Of Feature Flags

An overview of feature flags

Feature flags are components that enable software teams to manage and control the release of a product in a more controlled...
Bindiya Thakkar
6 min read
What Is A Digital Experience Platform?

What is a digital experience platform (DXP)?

DXPs are essential for improving user engagement, enhancing personalization, streamlining processes, and achieving better business outcomes.
Surbhi Sooni
9 min read
Avoiding Death By PowerPoint With Engaging Presentations

How to avoid death by PowerPoint with engaging presentations

As you can probably guess, "death by PowerPoint" is a term used to describe presentations where the presenter ends up...
Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
3 min read
A Guide To Bug Management

A guide to bug management

Bugs are, in essence, items that occupy your product backlog. They require constant revision, attention, and prioritization.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
A Guide To Trunk-Based Development

A guide to trunk-based development

Trunk-based development is an approach to where developers frequently integrate their code changes into a shared main branch.
Surbhi Sooni
5 min read
A Guide To Observability

A guide to observability

Observability provides insights into the performance of your product based on the logs, traces, and metrics generated by your systems.
Monica Dhiman
6 min read
Application Performance Monitoring (APM): Tools, Metrics, And Examples

Application performance monitoring (APM): Tools, metrics, and examples

Application performance monitoring (APM) empowers you to make informed decisions that enhance overall user satisfaction and ultimately boost your bottom line.
Emma Burt
9 min read

A guide to type 1 errors: Examples and best practices

A type 1 error, also known as a “false positive,” occurs when you mistakenly reject a null hypothesis as true.
Surbhi Sooni
6 min read
How To Reap The Benefits Of Chaos Engineering

How to reap the benefits of chaos engineering

Chaos engineering is an approach to testing where hypothetical failures are intentionally introduced to see how your product responds.
Ian Khor
2 min read