Server-side rendering with FastAPI and MySQL

FastAPI is a web framework that handles both the client side and the server side. Explore FastAPI by building a simple movie database.
Ekekente Odionyenfe
9 min read

Build a profanity filter API with GraphQL

Learn how to detect and censor profanity with an API built with GraphQL and Python to keep your apps appropriate and safe.
Solomon Esenyi
4 min read

Integrate GraphQL into Python using Ariadne

In this article, learn how to use Ariadne, a Python library that helps you create a GraphQL API without the extra weight.
Jaden Baptista
7 min read

QuerySets and aggregations in Django

Learn how to efficiently utilize filters and queries in Django from basic to advanced with this guide to QuerySets and aggregations.
Gaurav Singhal
6 min read

Using FastAPI to get updates from GitHub to Telegram

Here, you can learn how to create a Telegram bot using FastAPI to get updates from a GitHub repository with Python and GitHub webhooks.
Athul Cyriac
8 min read

Nim vs Python: Which should you choose?

Check out this guide to Nim and Python to decide which program is best for your project.
Diogo Souza
7 min read

Frustrations in Python

Are there areas in your Python codebase that are breaking or cluttering your code? Find out in this tutorial about common frustrations in Python....
Nikita Sobolev
5 min read

How Python can help you learn ES6

“Have you learned ES6 yet?” Oof. I used to feel a sense of pressure when people would ask me that. In the end, I...
Jenn Wong
5 min read