How to build a Solana Discord wallet with Python

Create a Discord bot that can create a new Solana wallet, send and receive SOL, and check your balance with this in-depth tutorial.
Carlos Mucuho
19 min read

A Python developer’s guide to React

Learn how to use React as a Python developer with this guide and by creating a contact manager application with Flask and React.
Ochuko Onojakpor
13 min read

Build interactive charts with Flask and D3.js

Easily visualize data with interactive charts in your next project using a combination of Python's Flask and D3.js.
Brain Aboze
10 min read

Build an Android application with Kivy Python framework

If you’re interested in Python mobile development, Kivy is your best bet. Build a random number generator app that you can install on your...
Samuel Martins
13 min read

How to build and deploy a Telegram bot with…

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a Telegram bot and then integrate it with Flask to build a customized dictionary app quickly and deploy...
Damilare Jolayemi
6 min read

Image processing in Python using Pillow

Pillow is a powerful library for processing images in Python. Learn how to perform basic operations, such as flipping, rotating, and cropping images.
Abiola Farounbi
5 min read

Build a Python web crawler from scratch

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about web crawling via a simple online store and how to build a Python web crawler from scratch.
Bekhruz Tuychiev
6 min read

Understanding type annotation in Python

In this extensive post with specific examples, learn how to use Python type annotation to your advantage using the mypy library.
Stanley Ulili
19 min read

Optimizing task queues with Celery and Flask

Learn how to set up and run long-running tasks with Celery in your Flask web application with this short guide and demonstration.
Gur Raunaq Singh
5 min read

Web scraping in Python with lxml and pandas

These steps will help you use Python and the popular packages lxml and pandas to manage dataset creation and visualization.
Shahin Rostami
6 min read

Python datetime module: Handling dates and time

Handling dates and times in Python is not always straightforward. Simplify the process using the Python datetime module.
Frank Joseph
7 min read

Introduction to data science with NumPy

Implement a series of useful functions, manipulate arrays and data, and see how NumPy arrays differ from Python lists in this detailed guide.
Kola Badmus
13 min read