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7 Stories by David Ekanem

How to integrate React Native components into native apps

Learn how to integrate React Native into native apps to gain access to a vast array of shared codebases.
0 4 min read

A developer’s guide to smart contract security audits

Smart contracts are deployed and executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Audits of these contract enable developers to provide a thorough analysis of smart contract...
0 7 min read

Exploring React Native’s new architecture

Learn more about the upcoming React Native version and it’s improvements in in startup time, developer experience, better interoperability between all threads, and a...
0 5 min read

Build a Web3 authentication flow with React, Ether.js, and Ceramic

Learn how to build a Web3 auth flow in this step-by-step tutorial using popular libraries and platforms like React, Ether.js, and Ceramic.
0 4 min read

Create your own oracle with an Ethereum smart contract

Learn how to build an Oracle, which helps connect blockchains to external systems and enable access to data from off-chain systems.
0 7 min read

Implementing split view and responsive layout in React Native

In this detailed post, learn how to implement a split view with a responsive layout in your React Native apps.
0 10 min read

Marble.js vs. Express.js: Comparing Node.js web frameworks

Learn about Marble.js, an Express.js competitor based on functional reactive programming basics. Is it up to the tasks you need it to be?
3 6 min read