Building microservices in Go with Gin

In this post, learn how to build microservices in Go using Gin, a lightning-fast frontend Go framework, and test them using Postman.
Shalitha Suranga
11 min read

Exploring structs and interfaces in Go

Learn about go's type system through the technical implementation of the struct and interface types in Go.
Alexander Nnakwue
15 min read

gqlgen: Build a faster GraphQL server

Explore gqlgen, which allows you to easily write GraphQL APIs using Go, and learn how to get started by building a simple to-do list...
Alex Merced
5 min read

Go dependency injection with Wire

Use Wire to generate source code at compile time as well as implement dependency injection.
Emmanuel John
3 min read

Creating a PWA with Create Go App

Explore Create Go App, a CLI similar to the popular Create React App, by building a PWA from scratch.
Emmanuel Etukudo
4 min read

How to build a blockchain from scratch with Go

Discover why Go is a great choice for building a blockchain, plus a step-by-step tutorial for how you can implement it yourself.
Solomon Esenyi
5 min read

Building a web scraper in Go with Colly

Learn to use the Go package Colly to build a basic web scraper that gets product information and saves the data to a JSON...
Emmanuel John
6 min read

Configuring the Go HTTP client

Walk through a simple procedure to configure and establish a connection between client and server and make HTTP requests in Go.
Ikeh Akinyemi
4 min read

Concurrency patterns in Golang: WaitGroups and Goroutines

Explore goroutines, communication between goroutines using channels, and syncing goroutines using WaitGroups.
Oluwatomisin Bamimore
4 min read

How to make an HTTP POST request with a…

Learn a simple procedure for making an HTTP POST request with a JSON body to a simple web server written in Go.
Ikeh Akinyemi
3 min read

Visualizing data in Golang with go-echarts

Learn how to set up and install the go-echarts package, then build different charts like a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, and a...
Mohit Khare
4 min read

Using JSON in Go: A guide with examples

JSON is one of the most-used formats for storing data. In this guide, learn how to work with JSON in Go using the encoding/json...
Shalitha Suranga
10 min read