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Getting started with Go for frontend developers

Learn why Go has been surging in popularity recently, and why it's worth a look from frontend devs looking to go full-stack.
1 8 min read

Caching in Node.js: Optimizing app performance with Redis

Caching is a powerful technique for optimizing your application's performance. Learn to create a custom cache service in Node.js using Redis.
0 12 min read

Using ES modules in Node.js

The module system in Node.js has come a long way from its earlier adoption of CommonJS.
4 13 min read

The top JavaScript data visualization libraries for 2021

Explore common data visualization libraries including: Highcharts, Toast UI Chart, D3.js, Recharts, and Chart.js to determine which will best improve the functionality of your...
3 7 min read

JWT authentication from scratch with Vue.js and Node.js

JWTs are a common method for authentication on the web. See how to implement an auth flow from scratch in Node.js + Vue.js app.
0 17 min read

The JavaScript Record and Tuple proposal: An overview

In this overview of the JavaScript Record and Tuple proposal, you can learn some basic use cases and how to use them.
2 7 min read

The async Cookie Store API: A new treat for web developers

Tired of struggling with cookies? The new asnyc Cookie Store API aims to improve all the shortcomings of working with cookies.
0 6 min read

Exploring Elder.js, the SEO-focused Svelte framework

Elder.js is a Svelte-based SSG for Jamstack sites, particularly suited to complex, data-intensive websites that require robust SEO.
0 9 min read

Real use cases for named tuples in TypeScript

TypeScript tuples help to ensure a robust, well-documented, and maintainable codebase.
0 5 min read

Methods for deep cloning objects in JavaScript

There are several ways to shallow clone objects in JavaScript, but deep cloning objects is trickier. We highlight several methods to do so.
0 7 min read

WebRTC over WebSocket in Node.js

WebSocket servers based on Node.js can provide full-duplex, real-time signaling for WebRTC implementations.
2 7 min read

A practical guide to working with Elasticdump

Review the implementation and use cases for Elasticdump, a tool for importing and exporting data stored in Elasticsearch indices or clusters.
0 10 min read