Gaurav Singhal Gaurav is a data scientist with a strong background in computer science and mathematics. As a developer, he works with Python, Java, Django, HTML, Struts, Hibernate, Vaadin, web scraping, Angular, and React.


14 Stories by Gaurav Singhal

The MUI grid system

Learn how to use multiple MUI grid styles to create balanced layouts that adjust to screen sizes, orientation, and across devices.
4 6 min read

Scrape a website with Python, Scrapy, and MongoDB

Scrape a website for data you need (and none of the data you don't) with Python, Scrapy, and MongoDB in this complete tutorial.
0 6 min read

Introduction to React Native Maps

The React Native Maps library makes it easy to build maps into your app and build insights around your users' location data.
3 7 min read

Filtering QuerySets dynamically in Django

Learn how to filter a Django QuerySet dynamically using AJAX, and build list pages for your web apps that allow filtering and pagination
1 8 min read

QuerySets and aggregations in Django

Learn how to efficiently utilize filters and queries in Django from basic to advanced with this guide to QuerySets and aggregations.
0 6 min read

Django Channels and WebSockets

Build a real-time app with Django Channels, a feature that facilitates support in WebSockets and allows an open connection between client and server.
3 9 min read

Using Hooks with React Router

Here, you can learn how to use Hooks with React Router and minimize lines of code in a component.
2 5 min read

Django REST framework: Build an API in 15 minutes

Here, you can learn how to build a CRUD API in just 15 minutes using the Django REST framework.
1 6 min read

An introduction to Wouter: A React Router alternative

Do you need to use React Router for your project, or will Wouter do the trick? Find out with this guide.
2 5 min read

Using NativeBase with React Native

With NativeBase components, you don't have to create fundamental components such as buttons, containers, and lists from scratch. This enables you to work more...
0 5 min read

How to use the FlatList component in React

This tutorial shows you how to use React Native's FlatList component to display large data sets or long lists in a performant manner.
1 5 min read

Creating custom buttons in React Native

As a developer, you must build UI components to match whatever reference or design your design team comes up with. Learn how to create...
2 5 min read