Ohans Emmanuel
Jun 25, 2020 ⋅ 5 min read

Introducing Recoil: Simplified state management for React

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10 Replies to "Introducing Recoil: Simplified state management for React"

  1. Nice job mate. Can you add a post for the real world? fetching api -> set the response data to global state store -> render the result etc. E2E!

  2. It depends. Recoil should be easy to pick up, but for now you may be better off learning Redux first.

  3. I started looking into redux, but storing only a single variable was so complex that I thought it was not worth it and probably creates more headbreaking bugs than it solves.

  4. Wow, have you looked at recoil-outside?: https://www.npmjs.com/package/recoil-outside It let’s you use state variables in regular javascript functions. This tool came out just 2 months ago and is a lifesaver! I just started with react. As a beginner (comming from C/C++ programming), not being able to use state-variables in an easy way was frightening as hell! Now I can get back in my comfort-zone. I don’t know what hardcore evangelists or functional programmers will say about this new development (or if it is stable for critical software), but I love it!

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