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Wern Ancheta
Jul 20, 2021 ⋅ 11 min read

React Native Web vs. Flutter web

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5 Replies to "React Native Web vs. Flutter web"

  1. “Error messages are more meaningful because Dart is strongly typed” is listed in the Cons section for Flutter but it sounds more like a pro!

  2. A year later, would you say things have changed regaring the maturity of flutter web (actually, of both frameworks)?

  3. Why is Flutter bad?
    “Error messages are more meaningful because Dart is strongly typed.”

    Please move this under “pros”! For someone, who uses this article as a quick glance could get misguided.

    1. You’re right — thanks for pointing that out. That item should have been included under the “Why is Flutter good?” heading. Fixed now!

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