Ibadehin Mojeed
Feb 9, 2023 ⋅ 12 min read

Optimizing performance in a React app

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5 Replies to "Optimizing performance in a React app"

  1. Nice overview of the performance techniques.
    Regarding keeping the state down to local.. Keeping the state down to very deeply nested components is not always possible, for example a form component needs access to all input form fields when submit button is pressed. Hookstate addresses exactly this problem. It’s performance on update of deeply nested states can be as fast as local state no matter if it is a part of small, very large or very huge state used everywhere else in the components hierarchy. Based on your article I have a feeling you will find it exciting. (Disclaimer I am an author of Hookstate)

  2. Thanks !!! This blog has everything about optimization in React. You made it so easy & keep it detailed. It helped me a lot. : )

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