Hamsa Harcourt
Mar 4, 2022 ⋅ 4 min read

Best pub/sub messaging brokers

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2 Replies to "Best pub/sub messaging brokers"

  1. One thing that always confuses me is how does a web app subscribe to a certain topic or listen for an event notification that is only relevant to the logged in user?

    If the web app is receiving every message but only has an ‘IF user === loggedInUser’, wouldn’t someone be able to see every other unfiltered message by opening DevTools?

  2. Late answer, but the answer is simple: Web clients does not receive every message over wire. This is filtered server side. The web clients rarely connect directly to the broker, but receives the data over a web socket. For machine to machine clients, that do connect directly to a broker, these things can be controlled via subscriptions.

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