Diogo Souza
Nov 17, 2020 ⋅ 7 min read

Creating micro-frontend apps with single-spa

Diogo Souza Brazilian dev. Creator of altaluna.com.br

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5 Replies to "Creating micro-frontend apps with single-spa"

  1. Hi Diogo,

    thank you for this example, but it is not working anymore if following this guide step by step.

    Here is the error I am getting when running apps and going to localhost:9000: resolve.js:12 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unable to resolve bare specifier ‘@LogRocket/root-config’ – screenshot https://prnt.sc/x8eiu5

    I made everything same way as in your example, even the names of the apps and org, just to be sure. Here is my example code – https://github.com/igorbuts/single-spa-test

    What I noticed in my example comparing to yours (from comment above) that all the libraries which name is starting with webpack- differ in major version. Maybe the made some breaking changes….
    Because If I clone your example – it is working.

    When I try in my example to downgrade libs to the versions of your example I get some new errors.

  2. Hey Igor, that’s really weird.

    I’ve cloned your repo and tried to analyze every single file, comparing it with mine, but nothing was different and yet the error persists.

    Then, I’ve created another one from scratch following the same steps in the article and, this time, was ok.

    I guess something has bugged within the Webpack or config files. Please, try it out too. In another folder, redo the process and let me know if that works.


  3. @Team, Its really a great work you did it. Thanks for the article. I am having one issue in this. Application setup is fine and working. But every navigation it is reloading the page. I don’t want page reloading when we navigate between any routes. Can you please help me to fix this. Please find the attached video for your reference

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