Edidiong Asikpo
May 21, 2021 ⋅ 6 min read

How to use Bulma CSS with React

Edidiong Asikpo Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs

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3 Replies to "How to use Bulma CSS with React"

  1. Thanks for the post.

    Just one thing I am confused about.

    In React I thought it was best practise to use className instead of class on html attributes?

    I see there is a mixture of class and className in this tutorial?

    Does using className on some attributes break the bulma css?

  2. The only reason behind the fact that it uses className over class is that the class is a reserved keyword in JavaScript and since we use JSX in React which itself is the extension of JavaScript, we have to use className instead of the class attribute

  3. The examples feature “classname” which is not the same as “className” and some of the elements still have plain old “class”. It’s littered with bugs, which makes me want to call into question the accuracy of this post.

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