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Natalie Smith
Sep 3, 2020 ⋅ 8 min read

Getting started with Vendure

Natalie Smith Frontend developer 👩🏽‍💻 Previously at @designcodeio.

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5 Replies to "Getting started with Vendure"

  1. Hi Natalie, thanks for this details blog, i’m trying to get this working on my local dev-env, and it works well until the step where you describe the ProductCard.js, i must be doing wrong because I never see the product on screen, else than in the console, and since i get no error in the terminal, i tried some “things” but with no result, can you please give me the exact contents of the ProductCard.js file, so I get it work and can go over the rest of your post.

    Thanks in advance



  2. Hi i try to install vendure for 4 times, with npm, yarn, but i always receive this error: {“message”:”An error occurred when installing dependencies. Try running with `–log-level info` or `–log-level verbose` to diagnose.”,”command”:”yarnpkg add –exact –ignore-engines @vendure/core @vendure/email-plugin @vendure/asset-server-plugin @vendure/admin-ui-plugin better-sqlite3 –cwd /home/lucasfrutig/www/itechrp/my-app”,”context”:{}}

    With –log-level verbose, some errors occurs on install better-sqlite, i don´t know why

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