Brian De Sousa
Oct 23, 2019 ⋅ 6 min read

Running a Flutter web app and API on Node.js

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6 Replies to "Running a Flutter web app and API on Node.js"

  1. That’s definitely a good option. I think it comes down to your preference, what your hosting provider supports and your system architecture. At the end of the day, your Flutter web app is no longer a Dart application, its a web application. Deploying to Node.js opens the doors to much wider ecosystem of server-side packages that you can combine with your Flutter web app to do whatever you need to do.

  2. Great introductory article to Flutter! I’m Currently starting development of a couple of mobile apps on Android Studio but have been very interested in the possibility of going cross-platform and had never heard of Fultter before so this has been of tremendous help. Thanks and keep them coming!

  3. Bonsoir Brian de Sousa je me demandais si on utilisait seulement node js pour le back-end de notre application flutter web pour le côté Android && iOS on utilise et encore node pour gérer les requêtes vers les serveurs ?

  4. HI Brian, nice sharing. I am also trying to run my flutter web application on nodejs, it was handy. but I am facing one problem, where I use setPathUrlStrategy (with url_strategy) to remove # from url, it was working fine at localhost, but when I deploy to production server, it doesn’t recognize the other pages when I manually type in the path , I believe this is something to do with url rewrite rules, do you know how to fix that?
    for example when I navigate to wwwexample.com, it goes to my initial page http://www.myexample.com/home , but when I enter http://www.example.com/registration , it shows “Cannot GET /registration”.

  5. The cross-origin issue makes debugging some aspects of web a problem, so you might be BUILDing a lot just to test this :S… Instead of copying, you can instead do app.use(express.static(‘Full_Path_To\\build\\web’));

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