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12 Stories by Brian De Sousa

Switching between Node versions during development

Compare two popular Node version managers, nvm for Windows and the n Node version manager, and how to switch between Node versions with them.
3 6 min read

Core Web Vitals best practices for SPAs

Google Web Vitals will soon play a major role in how your site is ranked in search. Learn the best practices for SPAs.
5 14 min read

Build and deploy a React web app from OneDev

This guide demonstrates how to set up a simple build, test, and deploy workflow in OneDev for a React web app.
0 8 min read

How to use React Hooks with Firebase Firestore

It's amazing how fast you can set up a web app with data persistence when you couple Firestore with React Hooks.
9 10 min read

File processing in Node.js: A comprehensive guide

In this guide, walk through file processing in Node.js, from handling files and editing metadata to working with links and directories.
0 13 min read

Reading and writing XML in Node.js

At some point, you'll run into cases where you need to read or write XML from a Node.js application. Learn your options here.
1 11 min read

Node.js 15: What’s new and how the developer experience has improved

Read what JavaScript language features, improvements, and changes are new in Node.js 15 that help improve the developer experience.
0 5 min read

Build better developer portals with Spotify’s Backstage

Spotify's Backstage has a lot of potential to fill a gap in developer tooling that many engineering teams may not even realize they have.
1 6 min read

CI/CD tools compared: CircleCI and Travis CI vs. major CSPs

How do purpose-driven CI/CD tools like CircleCI and Travis CI stack up against offerings from the major cloud services providers?
0 14 min read

Running a Flutter web app and API on Node.js

We add web support to an existing Flutter app and run it on a Node.js server alongside a simple API.
6 6 min read

Working with Node.js on Hyper-V and WSL2

A comparison of Hyper-V virtual machines and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WLS2) for Node.js developers using an instance of Ubuntu 19.
0 9 min read

ES modules in Node.js 12, from experimental to release

Node 12 moves us one step closer to full support for ES modules.
5 5 min read