Yomi Eluwande
Sep 20, 2022 ⋅ 10 min read

React end-to-end testing with Jest and Puppeteer

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3 Replies to "React end-to-end testing with Jest and Puppeteer"

  1. The CRA seems to have updated the App.js, the css selector is now .App-header and the content is not Welcome to React. It would be helpful if you can update the App.test.js. Thanks!

  2. How does this compare to using enzyme or react-testing-library for high-level testing?

    I use those other libraries and I end up having to manually specifying redux store state, and managing react-router as well. Which seems tedious and anti-“test emulate the user”-approach.

    What behavior should be tested by E2E testing with puppeteer and what should be tested with enzyme/RTL?

    I think we want to minimize puppeteertests because they take longer? right?

    Why not just have 3 sets of tests?
    – Puppeteer for E2E testing (anything more than a single component)
    – Enyzyme or RTL for single-component rendering
    – unit tests for things like Util functions

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