Yomi Eluwande

  JavaScript developer. Wannabe designer and Chief Procrastinator at Selar.co and worklogs.co.


15 Stories by Yomi Eluwande

React Material: The definitive guide

Should you use Material Design in your next React project? Find out here to learn how and when to create React apps with a...
1 10 min read

React Suspense: Async rendering in React

See Suspense work its magic with async rendering and the potential impact this feature will have on React applications.
0 6 min read

React end-to-end testing using Jest and Puppeteer

This React end-to-end testing tutorial demonstrates with practical examples how to use Jest and Puppeteer to test features in a React app.
3 10 min read

Guide to testing React Hooks

Huge components, duplicated logic, and overly complex patterns are all reasons you should use React Hooks in your next project.
9 6 min read

A complete guide to forms in Vue.js

Learn how to create, validate, and utilize inputs from a form in a Vue.js x2 application.
7 8 min read

React onClick event handlers: A complete guide

Learn the basics of React's onClick event handler, including event listening, binding methods, and dealing with custom events.
4 7 min read

React Reference Guide: React.Component

Our all-in-one reference guide to the React.Component class API, covering the component lifecycle, lifecycle methods, and class properties.
0 9 min read

An SEO approach to async components with loadable-components

Learn how to overcome the SEO implications of loading components asynchronously using loadable-components.
0 4 min read

Build responsive components in Gatsby with artsy/fresnel

Responsive web design allows us to ensure that the user gets the best version of the web page regardless of their device, platform, screen...
3 10 min read

How to set up a TypeScript + Gatsby app

In this article, we’ll take one of the starter Gatsby projects and turn it into a TypeScript app.
8 9 min read

How (and when) to use React’s new Context API

So it’s not exactly news on the interwebs that React Context will be stable in the upcoming release of React, React 16.3.0. React Context is/was an experimental feature...
0 4 min read

An imperative guide to forms in React

So, you just got started with React and you’ve started building React apps and you’re wondering, how do I work with forms in React?...
0 9 min read