Yomi Eluwande

  JavaScript developer. Wannabe designer and Chief Procrastinator at Selar.co and worklogs.co.


17 Stories by Yomi Eluwande

Data fetching in Next.js with getServerSideProps and getStaticProps

Compare the `getInitialProps`, `getServerSideProps`, and `getStaticProps` data fetching methods, and how they work for server-side rendering and static site generation.
5 8 min read

A guide to Material Design with React

Learn if you should use Material Design in your React project with this guide, which covers MUI components like fonts, CSSBaseline, and more.
2 12 min read

Headless browser testing guide

Explore fast, lightweight headless testing tools: PhantomJS, Puppeteer, Headless Chrome, Nightmare, Selenium, Playwright, and Cypress.
2 12 min read

Understanding partial hydration in Gatsby 5

Partial hydration enables you to selectively add interactivity to your otherwise completely static app, improving frontend performance while still keeping the benefits of client-side...
0 4 min read

React end-to-end testing with Jest and Puppeteer

Catch bugs in your code before your React app is live by performing end-to-end testing with Jest and Puppeteer.
3 10 min read

React onClick event handlers: A complete guide

Learn the basics of React's onClick event handler, including event listening, onClick buttons, synthetic events, custom events, and more.
6 5 min read

How to test React Hooks

Testing your React app is a necessity, but testing Hooks can get a bit complicated. Learn how to test Hooks multiple ways in this...
10 7 min read

Setting up a TypeScript and Gatsby project with GraphQL

Explore Gatsby and its usage with GraphQL and TypeScript. Learn to fetch data in Gatsby apps using GraphQL with either page queries or StaticQuery.
8 9 min read

A guide to React forms and events using Formik

Building forms in React? Learn how React deals with forms and events, and how to build forms using the Formik library.
1 11 min read

React Suspense: Async rendering in React

See Suspense work its magic with async rendering and the potential impact this feature will have on React applications.
0 6 min read

A complete guide to forms in Vue.js

Learn how to create, validate, and utilize inputs from a form in a Vue.js x2 application.
7 8 min read

React Reference Guide: React.Component

Our all-in-one reference guide to the React.Component class API, covering the component lifecycle, lifecycle methods, and class properties.
0 9 min read