Dylan Tientcheu
Dec 24, 2020 ⋅ 6 min read

Do you really need Vuex?

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3 Replies to "Do you really need Vuex?"

  1. Excellent article. However I’m wondering if what I’m doing now is good enough for certain basic purposes at least. I’m using a config.js file that I import in my main.js and enter into the global “domain” via Vue.prototype (ie Vue.prototype.settings). Then I’ve been able use the data as ie. `{{ settings.companyName }}` in some of my templates. This is only meant for config constant data, and it seems to work fine but wondering if I should use Vuex anyhow.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this article.

    I think the screen shot comparing with and without vuex in the `Why would you skip out on Vuex` section doesn’t really provide an accurate depiction of what the todo list app would look like without vuex. First it is missing all of the code to persist the data into the array. This code is essentially all the code within the mutators of the vuex store, with some minor modifications. In addition the vuex example has a changed method that isn’t used as far as I can tell.

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